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Secrets about IRS penalties

IRS penalties are big and scary. If you’ve been hit with them, take a deep breath and learn how to be smart.

What you’re up against

There are more than 148 different types of IRS penalties. To add insult to injury, the IRS can charge interest and even more penalties on the original  unpaid penalty. Many people in this situation have said that they are surprised it’s legal to be treated this way. Being the target of IRS penalties and interest can feel like drowning. Fear and hopelessness often take over.


Is the hopelessness justified

Penalties and interest can represent such a high percentage of what you owe to the IRS that a solution seems impossible. But there is always a way out and a way forward. A good place to start is asking the IRS to reduce all penalties to ZERO. This is a routine strategy for the experts at Get Tax Relief Today | Kent Tax Relief


How it works 

IRS penalties can often be reduced to zero if you have REASONABLE CAUSE. What constitutes reasonable cause? In our experience negotiating with the IRS just about anything counts as reasonable cause just as long as it is, well, reasonable. We’ve been successful basing requests on illness, extenuating family circumstances, job loss and military service just to name a few common examples. Others include bad accountants, ignorance of tax laws, ex spouses, fires, floods, alcoholism, drug abuse, death and even relying on the IRS for advice. The key is to properly relate these circumstances to the penalties and, where applicable, to use IRS Form 843 or other relevant forms. If you feel better having an expert state your case, we are happy to help.


What will happen

You might be pleasantly surprised by the results. Asking for an abatement of penalties can be a great strategy with huge savings. You have nothing to lose!

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